miniVNA PRO2 Starter's Package

miniVNA PRO2 Starter's Package
miniVNA PRO2
SWR meaurement with miniVNA PRO and PC

miniVNA PRO and Android tablet
miniVNA PRO2 is the world's first wireless analyzer. You have not to connect the VNA with PC, so convenient to measure antenna characteristics. We ship the VNA with peripherals for those people who use this kind of VNA first ever.
miniVNA PRO Specifications
- 2 port vector network analyser
- Open/short/load calibration
- Frequency range: 0.1MHz - 230MHz
- Measurable impedance range: 1 - 1000Ω
- Dynamic range: 90dB(Reflection measurement),70dB(Transmission measurement)
- Signal generator: 2Channel
- Connector: SMA male x 2
- Bluetooth I/F
- Li-ion battery

Included in shipment:
-miniVNA PRO with USB cable
-Calibration kit
-Port saver(SMA plug adaptor) x 2
-15cm length pigtail cable(convenient for THRU calibration)

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