GI 300 Galvanic Isolator

GI300 Galvanic Isolator
GI300 with Perseus SDR(Perseus is not included in the shipment)
The GI300 suppresses noise reaching the ground connections on the receiver. The GI300 covers a wide-band range of 30 kHz - 300 MHz (typ. 1db insertion loss).

The unit can be used in many receiving applications, It will also work with frequencies up to 1 GHz but above 300 MHz insertion loss may increase by up to 3db. The unit also has integrated double over-voltage protection and input and output are blocked for DC voltage.


Excellent protection against sheath waves and voltage surges.Double voltage surge protection. On the antenna side Gas Discharge tube with an ignition voltage of 90v. On the receiver side you will find an ESD-diode (30KV; max.pulse power 350W (8/20μs) Input and output has been blocked for direct currents of max. 50V.
Dimension: (inch) 88mm (3.46) x 31mm (1.22) x 25mm. Weight is 48g.

Caution: This product is for purpose of receiving only.

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